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Juxtaposition Paradox System

The Juxtaposition Paradox

The first and only open/closed wooden rain barrel system

Full Flow Rain Saver System

The Full Flow Rain Saver

"Our most popular rain barrel system, since 2008."
Prices start at $355

BareNaked Beauty Rain Barrels

BareNaked Beauties

Economy Rain Barrel Systems
Prices start at $175

Barrel Stands

Rain Barrel Stands

Elevate barrels for easier use and to increase pressure
Prices start at $65

Drip Irrigation Kits

Drip irrigation and Soaker Hose Kits

Kits specifically designed for use with rain harvesting systems

Toro Timer

Zero Pressure Timers

Program your system to work for you

RainSaucer-No gutters required

Rain Catchers

Capture rain wherever rain is falling

Watersaver Diverter

Watersaver Diverter

Automatic and Self-Flushing. No Overflow Needed.

Watersaver Diverter

The Wedge

Keeps your barrels free of leaves and debris.

Plain Barrel

Recycled Plastic Barrels

With or without spigot attached

Dual Valve Barrel Connector

Rain Barrel Connectors

Three simple ways to connect your recycled barrels together

Storm Water Manager

Storm Water Manager

Directs rainwater far away from your foundation

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