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Introduction to Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the slow and precise delivery of water to chosen plantings. It uses flexible polyethylene tubing with devices for dripping, called emitters. The systems are easy to install. Require no trenching and the only tools needed are pruning shears and a punch.

For many gardeners, water conservation is the main reason for installing a drip system. When you water your garden, your purpose is to water plants rather than soil. Drip irrigation gives you the ability to put water exactly where it's needed and keep paths and areas between plants dry. This reduces both waste and weeding.

Traditional watering methods deliver water faster than most soils can absorb. If water exceeds the soil's percolation rate, it can only run off the surface, taking valuable topsoil and nutrients with it. Drip irrigation also allows you to water a large area from a small water source, since it uses water more slowly than other methods.

The greatest advantage for home gardeners is time savings. The simple action of opening a spigot replaces all the time spent watering by hand. With the addition of an automatic timer, you can cope with a busy schedule while your garden flourishes without you.

In developing countries, workers like these people had to carry buckets of river water to irrigate their row crops. Now modern technology and much larger "buckets" save them time and energy by allowing drip irrigation to do the work for them.



Installation Methods and Helpful Tips


The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit

$52.00 - $67.00
(50 ft. or 100 ft. soaker hose)

$62.00 - $77.00
(With 25 ft. poly tubing)

The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is specially formulated to work with any gravity fed system. The hose is made from 100% recycled materials, 70% rubber and 30% polethylene, the same materials that our plastic barrels are made from. It is a low flow, high output soaker hose using .580 compression fittings that allows maximum output for your garden area. Other soaker hoses require 10 to 25 pounds of pressure to operate efficiently.

For best results, your rain barrel should be placed close to the ground and the soaker hose covered with mulch to keep it cool, as extreme heat has a direct effect on the output of the hose.

This kit comes with complete installation instructions.

This kit Includes:
1 or 2
50 ft. Soaker Hose
10 ft. or 25 ft. Poly Tubing
Stakes (Compliments of The Rainbarrel Man)
200 Mesh Tee Filter
Female Hose End
Compression Tee
End Caps
Compression Couplings
Extra Parts List
Instructions & Guidelines
FAQ Page

WARNING: Once you connect the compression fittings, they will not come off.

Use garden shears to cut tubing,  Use a goof plug to plug holes,  attach 1/4" tubing to 1/2 " tubing if needed,  use 1/4" tubing to reach plants,  Emitter attached to 1/2" tubing.
Garden Shears to cut tubing
Goof Plugs to plug holes
1/2" Tubing to 1/4" tubing, to reach plants
Emitters to water your garden


The Landscape, Drip irrigation Kit.


The Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit *


All our kits are designed specifically for rain harvesting systems, and they include everything you need to water a 100 - 200 sq. ft. garden area. What makes this kit unique from our other two is its flexibility. Not only can the emitters be inserted manually but it allows one to remove individual emitters from the system by replacing them with "goof plugs" or add new lines, with little worry about design. Also, if a line is accidentally cut, it can be repaired with a coupler.

This kit was tested using a 120 gal. Double Barrel System, mounted on a 2 ft. stand, with 50 ft. of 1/2" mainline tubing and 20 emitters. The results were: 1.25 gph with 72 hours of run time (left wide open). Turn your rain barrel system off after 15 minutes - test your soil for penetration - adjust accordingly, then program your zero pressure timer to that adjustment.


The Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit includes:

50 ft Roll of 1/2" Tubing 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Coupler
50 ft Roll of 1/4" Tubing 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Hose Beginning
40 Take-Apart Emitters 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Tee's
20 1/4" Transfer Barbs 1 Tee Filter
10 Two Way Goof Plugs 1 Yellow handle Punch (upgraded to the pocket punch)
2 Figure 8 Ends 10 - 6" Hold Downs
Description Sheets 20 - 3" Hold Downs

Great for sq. ft. gardening - Irregular shaped garden beds - Around plants and trees - Place around Plants.
Great for sq. ft. gardening
Irregular shaped garden beds
Around trees
and around Plants




Attaching soaker drip line

Attaching a soaker drip line with a transfer barb.

Drip Half Connectors

How Tee's and Elbows can be used with raised beds.


Garden Bed Soaker Drip Kit *

$68.00 - 50 ft. Mainline Tubing
$74.00 - 100 ft. Mainline Tubing

This is the easiest and most versatile kit to use, and is great for short rows, small or irregularly shaped garden beds and square foot gardening. This kit can water up to three 4' x 8' raised garden beds with four 8' soaker drip lines each.

Setup is a snap! Just punch a hole in the mainline tubing. Attach each soaker dripline with a transfer barb and push it into the hole. End each line with a goof plug.

We tested this drip kit to see how well it worked with eight elbows and 2 ft. high raised garden beds. We used two separate rain barrel systems (60 gal. and 120 gal.) using ball valved spigots in the test. Both were mounted on 2 ft. high stands and connected to two 4'x8' garden beds. The total length of the main line tubing was 46 ft. From each rain barrel to first bed was 24 ft, and 22 ft. between beds. We also used 48 ft. of 1/4" soaker drip line, giving each bed, three 6 ft. drip lines. Results: Both barrel systems performed well, with all six soaker drip lines producing strong even drip flows.

This kit Includes:
50 ft. or 100 ft. 1/2" Mainline Tubing
100 ft. 1/4" Soaker Dripline
Tee Filter
Easy Loc Beginning
Pocket Punch Tool
Easy Loc Tee
Easy Loc Coupler
Easy Loc Elbows
Figure 8 Ends
U Shaped Hold Downs
Two way Goof Plugs
One Way Goof Plugs
Transfer Barbs
1/4" Hold Downs
Easy Instructions

Drip in Emitter Tube with drip

These inline cylindrical drippers, spaced at 6" intervals, are clog resistant and self cleaning thanks to inlet filters and labyrinth passageways.


The Row Crop, Drip irrigation Kit

This design optimizes flow path turbulence
to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform
distribution, and reduce clogging.

The Row Crop Drip irrigation Kit *


Specifically designed for longer row crops and extensive square foot gardening, this kit uses 5/8" 15mil, high flow T-tape with emitters spaced 8" apart for even watering. This is enough T-tape for five 20-foot rows or ten 10-foot rows.

Before you set up your drip kit, figure out how much water is available for your plan. Calculate the rate of flow of water your system provides by measuring the time you need to fill a one gallon pail from the spigot. Divide 3,600 by the number of seconds it takes and that's your number of gallons per hour. This drip kit was tested using a vertical double barrel system with 25 feet of main line tubing, ten 10-foot rows of T tape and 120 emitters. The results were as follows: 22 gallons per hour, 70 DPM per emitter and five hours of run time (left wide open). For best results, your rain barrels should be at least 4 ft. off the ground.

Here is where experimentation comes in. Set your timer for 15 minutes, then test your soil to see if that was enough time for the water to reach your plant's root system. Adjust the start time(s) and duration accordingly from your results. How long your water lasts depends on your setup (number of emitters, soil condition, height of barrel(s), type of spigot, length of tubing, timer use, etc.).


The Row Crop, Drip irrigation kit includes:

100 ft Roll of 1/2" Tubing 1 Tee Filter
100 ft Roll of 5/8" T-Tape 10 Tape Loc Barbs
10 Goof Plugs 1 Tape Loc Coupling

2 Figure 8 Ends

10 Tape Grip Sleeves
1 - 1/2" EZ Loc Beginning 1 Yellow Handle Punch (upgraded to the Easy Grip Punch)
1 - 1/2" EZ Loc Tee 20 "U" Stakes
Description Sheets Instructions


Zero Pressure Battery Timer

The Solar Rain Barrel Timer *

If you have ever forgotten to turn your drip irrigation off and emptied your rain barrel(s) this timer can be your best investment.

Extra Parts in Stock:
(Our Customers Only)

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit

50 ft. soaker hose w/4 stakes $15
1/2 x 25 ft. poly tubing w/4 stakes $10
compression tees & elbows $2.50 ea.

Row Crop Kit

5/8" x 100' high flow T tape w/10 hold downs $17
bag of 1/4" x 5/8" tape loc barbs & grip sleeve ends (10 ea.) $10
1/2" tees & elbows $2 ea.

Landscape Kit

1/4" x 50' poly tubing w/20 hold downs $9
bag of emitters & transfer barbs (20 ea.) $8
1/2" tees & elbows $2 ea.

Garden Bed Soaker Kit

1/2" ez loc tees & elbows $2
1/4" x 50' soaker drip line w/10 hold downs $18
bag of transfer barbs & plugs (20 ea.) $5


Please Note:

The drip kits sold in stores are not designed to work with most smaller rain barrel systems which are 1-2 PSI. They are made for water pressures of 40-80 PSI and then reduced to 10 PSI with a regulator.

*Does not include rain barrel.

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