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Recycled Barrels
$110 - With screen, overflow, screw valve spigot, and hold downs
$75 - With conventional screw valve spigot

All recycled barrels offered by The Rainbarrel Man Company are designated Food Safe by the FDA as are their previous contents, namely DMSO. The exterior of all our barrels has been pressure washed to remove stickers and labels, etc., and the interior has been steam cleaned for complete sterilization.

We use screw valve brass spigots on these plastic barrels which are compressed on using a specialized insertion tool and fastened with a lock nut. All the other raised Rain Barrel Systems on this site are plumbed using ball valve brass spigots, which are easier to open and have a stronger water flow.


With Screen and Overflow
With Screen & Overflow


  • Holds 60 gallons
  • Made of HDPE (high density polyethylene)
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant
  • Closed head drum with 2" bungs
  • Color: black
  • 34 3/4 H x 23 1/4 W


Special Note: As winter approaches, barrels without screens should be drained enough to create an air pocket, in preparation for a cold snap as well as for expansion.


Standard Drum
Screw Valve



Bung Wrench

Use this Bung Wrench to unscrew or tighten 3/4" and 2" bung caps on most plastic barrels. You can also use the other end to shut off your gas line if needed.

Shipping information

Bung Wrench

Watersaver Diverter


Add a WaterSaver Diverter to connect to a downspout, or a Debris Screen and Overflow Hose if you want to use a rain chain.

Debris Screen

12.25 in. OD x 11.25 in. ID
Screen $18


Overflow Hose

12 ft. x 1 1/2 in. Dia.
Overflow Hose $30


Rainbarrel Stand

To elevate your barrel for easier use and to add pressure to your system, use one of our rain barrel stands. Prices start at $130.

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