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Watersaver Diverter mounted on down pipe

Watersaver Diverter
For closed top barrels only


(For 2x3 inch downspout)

This item can be shipped

The average roof sheds 160 gallons of rainwater per hour during a rainfall. The Watersaver Diverter is designed to capture some of this water. Rainwater flows from the roof into the gutter downspout and gets captured in the Watersaver's reservoir.

When the reservoir fills, the water then takes the path of least resistance which is the unit's lower exit spout that leads, via a hose, to the rain barrel.

When the barrel is full, back pressure occurs in the Watersaver and the water then exits out of the upper exit spout into the normal drainage system via the downspout. For full back pressure to occur no openings are required (other than the one for the diverter hose) on top of the rain barrel. The 5-foot hose allows you to move the rain barrel away from the building if needed.



Watersaver kit

Note: During a moderate rainfall, your 55 gallon rain barrel fills in 2 to 3 hours.


Kit Content Includes:
Full Flow Rain Saver System, stained with Cedar Natural Tone

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