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The Garden Irrigation System
Garden Irrigation System
Garden Irrigation System


This 110 Gal. system uses a 5/8 inch dia. hose connection with a brass spigot. The top drum is mounted on a 54 inch high stand which gives the height needed to produce the 2 psi required to operate the drip irrigation kit when attached. The total minimum height needed is 94 inches from the bottom of the second elbow (on side of a one story house) to ground level. If you use all the material in the kit (150 emitters total) it will water a 100 sq. ft. vegetable garden (ten - 10 foot rows or five - 20 foot rows). Without the kit the system will produce 10 Gpm, with it attached that figure will be greatly reduced to less than 1/2 GPM.

$360.00 Includes: Plastic Drums (non-painted), Stand, Drip Kit, Plumbing, by-pass hose, Watersaver Diverter and setup instructions.


The drip irrigation kit includes:

  • 1- Filter
  • 1- Female hose begining
  • 1-100 foot roll main line tubing
  • 1-Tee
  • 2-Figure 8 ends
  • 1-Yellow handle punch
  • 10-Goof plugs
  • 20-Stakes
  • 1-100 foot roll of T-tape
  • 10-Barbs
  • 10-Grip sleeve ends
  • 1-Repair couplers
  • Catalog

Benefits of watering with drip irrigation:

  • Uses 50% less water
  • Delivers water directly to the root zone
  • Reduces evaporation and run-off
  • Does not wash off nutrients, protectants or pollen
  • Saves time, wasted on hand watering
  • Makes gardening much more enjoyable

Special note: This system should be drained with spigot and valves in the open position, in preparation for a cold snap.

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